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In-Store FAQ

What is your turn around time? 

Our normal turn around time is two days. For example, if you drop off on Monday your clothes will be ready on Wednesday. We always offer next day service at no extra charge. Same day service is also available if clothes are dropped off by 8:00 a.m.

I have a spot on my garment what do I do? 

The best thing you can do for your garment is to simply bring it to us. We are professional spot/stain removers, please just tell us what exactly is on your garment and we can take proper action. Do not use over the counter spot removers or attempt to remove it with water.

Do all spots come out? 

The majority of all spots do come out if removed by a professional drycleaner. If anybody can remove your spot, WE CAN!! 

Pickup & Delivery FAQ

What is your turn around time? 

Our normal turnaround for Pickup & Delivery is 3 days. If your scheduled pickup is Monday then we will deliver on Thursdays. Tuesday pickups will be delivered on Friday. 

Can I pick my delivery day?

To provide the best experience for our customers we preassign routes based on your location. Your scheduled pickup date will be based on your address.


Do I have to be home during time of pickup or delivery?


There is no need to be home with our service. Just leave the bag at a predetermined location and forget it. Its that easy!

How do I get my Globe Cleaners laundry bag?

When you schedule your first pick up you can leave your clothes in any bag that you choose. We just ask that you write your name either on the outside of the bag or on a piece of paper on the inside of the bag so we don't confuse them with other orders. Once your clothes are cleaned we will return them with a new laundry bag!

Do I have to create an account to get started with your service?

All though an online account is not necessary to use our service it is the easiest method to schedule a pickup, manage orders and pay for completed orders. If you would like to speak to someone you can call us at 860-866-7423 and speak to our delivery manager to get started!

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