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In-Store FAQ

What is your turn around time? 
Our normal turn around time is three business days. For example, if you drop off on Monday your clothes will be ready on Thursday. This ensures that we can provide the optimal clean and care for your garments. Heavily soiled clothing, couture and bespoke items with intricate trim, wedding gowns, leather outwear and household items such as rugs may take 1-4 weeks due to longer processing times to ensure proper care. While we can do next day or even same day cleaning please be aware that quality can become compromised. Please visit us with your favorite garment for a more accurate time frame. 

I have a spot on my garment what do I do? 
While we prefer you bring it to us immediately be sure to check you care labels. If it's washable, cold water and an over the counter stain remover should help (we recommend Shout or Tide brand). Wash according to the instructions on the care label and check the stain before drying. Multiple treatments and washes maybe needed to fully remove the stain BEFORE drying. Dry Clean only items should be handled with care and brought to your dry cleaner as soon as possible as home remedies can often cause irreversible damage. 

Do all spots come out? 
By far the most difficult stains to remove are yellow oxidized, ink based and neglected stains that have "set" into the fibers of the fabric. While we are among the best in the tri-state area, we cannot guarantee full removal. However, we stand by our work. We will gladly redo your garment if results are not satisfactory, after all we are human and can make mistakes, but please be aware that trying more aggressive forms of stain removal and cleaning will require a waiver and may result in damage or color loss to your favorite garment. 

Pickup & Delivery FAQ

What is your turn around time? 
Our normal turnaround for Pickup & Delivery is 5 business days. If your scheduled pickup is Monday then we will deliver the following Monday. Tuesday pickups will be delivered the following Tuesday etc. This ensures that we have enough time to ensure proper care of your garments. Household items such as rugs and drapery and specialty items such as leather and suede jackets and shoes may take 2-3 weeks.

Can I pick my delivery day?
To provide the best experience for our customers we preassign routes based on your location. Your scheduled pickup date will be based on your address.

Do I have to be home during time of pickup or delivery?
There is no need to be home with our service. Just leave the bag at a predetermined location and forget it. Its that easy!

How do I get my Globe Cleaners laundry bag?
When you schedule your first pick up you can leave your clothes in any bag that you choose. We just ask that you write your name either on the outside of the bag or on a piece of paper on the inside of the bag so we don't confuse them with other orders. Once your clothes are cleaned we will return them with a new laundry bag!

Helpful Tips for Garment Care  


Be sure to save the hang tags that come with the garments you buy. Show them to your dry cleaner for guidance and take note of instructions that have to do with home care. 


Have garments dry cleaned regularly as accumulation of perspiration, grease, or dust particles impairs the attractiveness and durability of any apparel. If your garments are cleaned properly you can be assured that it will last longer. 


If any of your garments have been stained, be sure to take it to the dry cleaners immediately. If the stains have been exposed to heat, light, and even air, it tends to be much harder or maybe even impossible to remove. Please mention to your dry cleaner the staining substance of your garment for successful stain removal. 

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